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BlueHost Review – More about the Hosting Plans

There are two BlueHost hosting plans. The first one is the 12 month plan that is sold at $7.95 a month. Then there is the 24 month hosting plan that is sold at $6.95 every month. So does this BlueHost review article recommend this company for all people? Of course it does. After all, there is something for everyone here, for newbie as well as oldie webmasters. Making a success of your business on the internet is very important and therefore you know very well the importance of collaborating with the right host provider who will give you good value and quality for your money.

The add-on domain allows you unlimited domains on one account and what’s more, every month you will have unlimited bandwidth. This means that no matter how many visitors your site receives every day, you can be sure that you will never run out of bandwidth. Here, the word unlimited is honored and you can take it at its literal meaning. The disk space is also unlimited and so are the FTP accounts. At $6.95 every month for unlimited hosting, this is as good as it gets anywhere. Just peek at the company records for the past 5 years and you will be amazed at the kind of trust they have managed to build in the market.

They also support eCommerce. This means that you also get features like shopping carts. There are so many software plug-ins for you as well as the image gallery to make your website even more appealing to visitors. Simply said, there are very many tools to make your website even more visible on the internet. They do not only host your website, but they also teach you how to make it more relevant and how to bring more business to the site. The BlueHost team knows that when your online business grows they also row and thus everyone goes home happy.

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