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All the Sounds You Need with DUB Turbo

No matter what beats you have running around in your head, you will be able to create that sound tenfold. Whether you need sax, drums, guitars or you are looking to import your own sounds everything can be done right in one place. It’s easy to navigate the control panel as it is all done on your keyboard. Once you start playing with the DT Sequencer and hear the different drums, you will flip out.

Even if you create a beat and think that it needs to be mixed up a little, you are going to find that the ability to move your tracks around is easier than ever. By the time you get done you will end up with a sound that is utterly professional. The DUB Turbo machine is the next generation in music creation right out of your home. All the sounds you will ever need or that you can create will be found right here. Let the music play and the beat roll on.

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